Lower School Classroom


In 2022, the Board of Trustees formally adopted a two-year extension of our strategic plan, Bridge to 2022.

A committee comprised of board members, school professional community members, parents/guardians and alumni gathered input from the Head-Royce community and the larger educational world to frame major goals and strategies to move the School forward as a leader in 21st Century education. This process was intentionally inclusive, open, and grounded in the belief that the best strategic thinking comes from a genuine curiosity and an inquisitive mindset.

The plan directly supports the School’s mission to meet the needs of our students in ever-changing times.

Please read on to learn more about each of our goals outlined below.

Teaching and Learning



Enhance and amplify a student­-centered academic program with opportunities for choice, real­-world problem solving, creativity and intellectual engagement.



Align Head-Royce’s K-12 curriculum and program to research-based and relevant competencies which include critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and cultural competency.

Cultivate K-12 programs and courses that expand options for choice, real-world problem solving, and experiential learning.

Re-examine and extend our K-12 assessment philosophy and methods in order to incorporate forward-thinking measurements of academic and social competencies.


Equity and Inclusion



Promote equity by increasing institutional access, sustaining diversity, and actively advancing a community of inclusion.


Analyze and improve our administrative practices, policies, and programs to ensure equity and inclusion.

Enhance our K-12 curriculum and co-curricular programs to strengthen our commitment to equity and inclusion.

Promote our core values of diversity, equity and inclusion through effective storytelling and communication within and beyond the Head-Royce community.
Civic Engagement



Drive deeper civic engagement and build authentic partnerships within Oakland and the local Bay Area.


Refocus the Institute for Applied Learning on citizenship, community engagement and real world problem-solving.

Embrace the Heads Up program, ensuring financial sustainability, strategic alignment and deep infusion within the Head-Royce Community and the City of Oakland.

Strengthen systems, educational practices and civic partnerships that support, promote and cross-pollinate our Green Mission.

Balance and Well-Being



Commit to and sustain a culture of balance and well-being.


Adjust and leverage the School schedule to support balance and well-being while maintaining academic rigor.

Elevate balance and well-being as critical elements of our climate and culture through community-wide education and support from faculty, professional staff, administration and the Board of Trustees.

Ensure that current and future physical spaces optimize for well-being, health and learning.

Financial Stewardship



Better serve all our families by building upon our disciplined approach to financial management.


Advance a culture of stewardship that effectively utilizes, conserves and sustains our resources.

Change how we view and communicate tuition assistance to identify ways to make the School more approachable for all of our families.

Evaluate and implement philanthropic and other fundraising strategies that promote long-term stability and uncover new opportunities.

Read the Strategic Plan in its entirety below.